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The Northkorea FAQ

Unglaublich und surreal. Auf einer Website der Korean Friendship Association (wenn es denn nicht eine böse Satire ist, denn es liest sich fast so) gibt es ein FAQ über Nordkorea. Die KFA agiert als eine Art auswärtiges Amt für öffentliche Angelegenheiten des Staates und … damit dürften die getroffene Aussagen durchaus „ernst gemeint“ sein.

This is the official FAQ for questions about North Korea. If your question is not on the list you can
security@korea-dpr.com <– send us your question.

Wie gesagt, keine Ahnung, ob das wirklich echt ist. Und wenn, dann darf das gerne als Real-Satire bezeichnet werden.

Hier ein paar Auszüge.
1. Can I get a signed photograph from Leader Kim Jong IL?
The KFA Shop is offering this article. Please visit the following webpage:

11. I want to know why North Korea has nuclear weapons.
After the US failed to fulfill the terms in the Agreed Framework by supplying two light-water reactors to the DPRK as compensation for the discontinuing of Korean nuclear power, the DPRK withdrew in October 2002 from the NPT and thus restarted its own energy-producing program, and then started to recycle spent fuel-rods.

The DPRK has a nuclear deterrence as a life-insurance to protect the motherland. The US, who put the country inside the “Axis of Evil”, and is threatening with a nuclear holocaust pre-emptive strike has created this situation and made this neccessary. The situation is no less serious because the US side has nuclear weapons and other missiles stationed in South Korea.

13. Is North Korea a dictatorship?
No, the DPRK is a single-united-party constitutional democracy guaranteeing freedom of speech and assembly to all citizens. DPRK citizens play an active role in their nation’s political life at the local, regional and national levels, through their trade unions or as members of one of the nation’s three political parties, which include the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Chondoist Chongu Party and the Korean Social Democratic Party.

17. I hear that North Koreans are very poor. Is this true?
By international standards, DPRK citizens enjoy a very high standard of living. In Socialist Korea, the state guarantees all citizens the right to quality healthcare, education, stipends for the disabled, retirement pensions and access to recreational facilities, as well as a wide array of other state-supported services. Indeed, DPRK citizens are guaranteed many provisions that are uncommon in many developed capitalist societies, which are home to real poverty. Unlike in many countries of the capitalist world, the DPRK is a state free of homelessness, unemployment, prostitution and starvation.

23. What activites does the average person do in a week for fun?
Hiking, Bowling, Reading, listen to music etc – it differs from person to person.