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Interview mit Goofy

Was sind das eigentlich für Menschen, die in Disney World als Goofy, Mickey und Donald rumrennen und sich mit den Besuchern photographieren lassen? Wie kamen sie zu dem Job und was gibt es ihnen? Auf Reddit hat sich ein solcher – ein Goofy mit dem Nick ChantingMonk – den Fragen gestellt und redet darüber, wann er mit dem Lächeln aufhörte, wie's ist, in die Glocken getreten zu werden und was an so manchem Sex-Gerücht so dran ist. Sehr, sehr unterhaltsam und wirklich interessant.

Hier ein paar Auszüge.

How long did it take to stop smiling while guests were taking pictures...?

the first time we had to interact with guests during training, I smiled like idiot with every picture. After day 2 on the job, I stopped. Smiling actually helps with animation though!
Was there ever any children or parents that really bothered you? Do you have any funny or interesting stories to share?

I HATE IT when parents (especially moms) only use their kids as props when taking pictures. I understand that we all have a child in us and want to meet our childhood heros but some parents do it just to have a good picture and not let their child enjoy the experience with the character. Makes it ruin the whole point of the magic of meeting the actual character!
How easy is it to hook up with one of the princess actresses? Do they stay in character during sex? Nasty princess sex stories general.

If you work in the entertainment part of Disney, yes, it is very easy to sleep with the princesses in Disney. The thing is, about 80% of people who work in entertainment for men, is gay. So if you are are into the ladies, you are set. I will admit I am a very sexually active Goofy and meeting and sleeping with different princesses and characters isn't uncommon for performers. They do not stay in character but I've done in while she was wearing the makeup. I also do Flynn Rider from time to time and I've met almost every Repunzle there and gotten to know them. By far, she is my favorite princess and yes, I have slept with a few. My best story would be that after work one time, I fooled around back stage with one cast member (she was a princess) right behind the area where characters switch out to go backstage. A girl who was working as Princess Bell caught us but gave us the thumbs up as she was going to her shift. I love my job :)